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MAGIC S3 engraving machine

MAGIC S3 engraving machine

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Machine for engraving writings , drawings and photos on metal plates and objects using a diamond tool.

The machine scratches any metal with a diamond tip, the engraving is performed both flat and on curved or irregular surfaces.

  • Work area 151x132x39 mm.
  • Sensor for automatic height and inclination measurement of the surface to be engraved.
  • Video camera for accurate and interactive positioning of the engraving on the object
  • Overall dimensions 310x345x3219 mm.
  • Weight 20 kg. Consumption 24W.
  • Windows software supplied to drive the machine from a PC via USB port
  • Possibility to control the machine with tablet (Optional) via Bluetooth

The MAGIC S3 (MS3) engraving machine is perfect for engraving tags, medals and for personalizing jewelry, costume jewelery and gift items.

The price does not include transport, training and technical assistance.

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