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Chip extractor CP-261 for MAGIC mini CNC

Chip extractor CP-261 for MAGIC mini CNC

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The CP-261 chip vacuum cleaner is specially designed to vacuum debris produced when engraving, cutting or processing materials such as acrylic, wood, model boards, brass, etc., with MAGIC machines.

This device is equipped with a powerful suction motor that effectively captures the debris produced during the engraving process, thus ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Its design is designed to maintain a clean work area, avoiding the dispersion of dust and preventing splinters of plastic or wood from dispersing into the environment.

Product Features:

  • Clean working environment; minimizes the spread of dust inside and prevents debris particles from flying away during the engraving operation.
  • Powerful suction system; effectively captures debris.
  • Advanced double dust filtration system; It effectively filters fine dust and particles thanks to a bag filter and a HEPA filter.
  • Automatic suction control system.
  • Automatic synchronization with MAGIC™ machines once connected.
  • Compact size; easy to install in any workspace.
  • User-friendly; simple to use.
  • Easy to replace/install HEPA bags and filters.
  • Easy to install suction hoses, clamps and other tools/accessories.
  • High quality and durable device; designed for long-term use.
  • Safe suction and immediate disposal of debris and/or particles.

Compatible with MAGIC E3, MAGIC E4 and MAGIC E7 machines.

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