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Carima IMD-C 3D printer

Carima IMD-C 3D printer

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Professional DLP LED Full HD 3D printer (1920x1080 pixels). Configurable production volume: 124X70X140 mm / 110x61x140 mm / 96x54x140 mm / 76x42x140 mm / 57x32x100 mm XY resolution from 65 to 30 μm based on the production volume chosen. Possibility to order it with one of the following wavelengths: 365/385/405nm. Production layer of 25, 50, 100, 150 microns in Z. Completely autonomous with LDC display, ethernet and USB. Dimensions 391x405x589 mm weight 18.5 kg. Max. consumption 120W. Free in setting processing parameters to also use materials from other suppliers. Heated material tank. Carima Slicer software to import STL files, create supports and processing for the machine.

Supplied with 0.5 liters of resin

Optional: TFS (Tension Free System) membrane to produce with a higher speed.

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